There are a number of good Bible Study and prison ministry resources available on the web. Here are a few that we recommend:

Bible Study Aids

Blue Letter Bible

The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah

Spurgeon Archive

Prison Ministries

International Prison Ministry

Forgiven Ministry
Provide One Day With God program

Prison Fellowship

Other Ministries

Servant Quarters
Gayle Erwin teaches the nature of Jesus through books, newsletters, audio and video messages. His “Jesus Style” teachings are heard by men we minister to in prison on the Christian Education Network. His message is like a drink of cool water; listen in and get refreshed.

Answers in Genesis – Creation, Evolution, Christian Apologetics
Ken Ham’s 90-second creation science spots are featured on the Christian Education Network. Visit the AIG website to find out more about God’s evidence for creation.

Understand The Times

International Institute for Creation Research

Wyatt Archaeological Research Inc


Pastors and teachers from these churches are featured on the Christian Education Network and much of their teaching can be heard on their web sites.

Calvary Chapel
Pastor Chuck Smith

Calvary Chapel of Cary
Pastor Rodney Finch

Calvary Chapel of Rochester
Pastor Geoff Brede

Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia
Pastor Joe Focht

Calvary Chapel of the Finger Lakes
Now pastored by Scott Gallatin, we have been provided messages from the founder and long-time pastor of the church, Pastor Bil Gallatin

Calvary Chapel of Chapel Hill
Pastor David Marini

Calvary Chapel of Newport News, VA
Pastor Tony Clark

Kindred Community Church
Pastor Philip De Courcy