Going Beyond Addictions

Beyond Addictions is a 15-session course that approaches the problem of addiction on a Biblical, Christ-centered basis. This course has been taught since the Fall of 2002, and has proven to be effective in setting men free from bondage to addiction, and keeping them free to enjoy productive, promising lives in Christ.

Here is what one former student says about Beyond Addictions:

“In 2002, I participated in the first Beyond Addictions class. It helped me understand who I was in Christ, which transitioned me from a user of drugs and people to a worshiper of Jesus. As I began to understand who I was in Christ, the desire to worship Him grew, and the old lifestyle simply began to fall away. I encourage you to not just read but put into practice the contents of this book and you’ll find that in worshiping Jesus, you’ll truly find the ‘good life.'”

– Jeremy Parker, Beyond Addictions Graduate 2002

Beyond Addictions is now available in a single-volume book that includes all of the lesson assignments.
This may be a good tool for anyone who works with people struggling with addiction-ministry leaders, family members and friends. I think you will enjoy reading it.

During the past twelve years, 582 men have graduated from the course; less than 20% of graduates who have been out of prison for more than two years have returned. This is less than one-half the recidivism rate of the general prison population.

Beyond Addictions is being used by prison and jail ministries in North Carolina, Wisconsin, Texas, Tennessee, Louisiana and Pennsylvania. It is also used by Bikers for Christ and other recovery ministries working with former addicts outside of prison.

There are three ways to purchase Beyond Addictions.

  1. You can buy a single copy of Beyond Addictions for personal use through Amazon.com or from certain Christian book retailers.
  2. If you need five copies or more, you can email me to request information for payment, shipping and handling and we will send them directly to you at a cost of $6.00 per copy.  Email: [email protected]
  3. We will also provide a free copy of Beyond Addictions to any man or woman in jail or prison if they write us personally and request one. Ask them to send their request to: Free In Christ Prison Ministries, PO Box 1492, Yanceyville, NC 27379. All envelopes must have a prison or jail stamp in order for us to send a free copy to the inmate.

We want to provide you every resource you need to be free from addiction and to live the life that Jesus Christ has planned for you.

Additional Resources

  1. A Facilitator’s Guide is also available free of charge for group leaders. You can download an Adobe PDF file of the Facilitator’s Guide by 
    clicking here.
  2. Full-size copies of all fifteen assignments are also available. If you are using Beyond Addictions in a recovery group or other small group, these may be easier to use than the assignments in the back of the book. To download the assignments, click here.
  3. You are free to download audio of the course as we teach it. This may be helpful if you are reading the book on your own or if you are leading a group study of Beyond Addictions.
Chapter 1
BA Session 1
Chapter 2
BA Session 2
Chapter 3
BA Session 3
Chapter 4
BA Session 4
Chapter 5
BA Session 5
Chapter 6
BA Session 6
Chapter 7
BA Session 7
Chapter 8
BA Session 8
Chapter 9
BA Session 9
Chapter 10
BA Session 10
Chapter 11

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BA Session 11

Chapter 12
BA Session 12
Chapter 13
BA Session 13
Chapter 14
BA Session 14
Chapter 15
BA Session 15

This is what former students and others have to say about this course.

“This course was instrumental in making a real change, transforming my thinking and my behavior. God used it to set me free in prison and to keep me free now that I’m on the outside. After re-reading the Beyond Addictions book, I realized how much of it I have incorporated into my daily life since my release two years ago. I heartily recommend it for anyone who truly wants to move beyond all addictions into a free and meaningful life.”

– John D. Whitehead– Beyond Addictions Graduate 2008

“Addictions are a mighty big problem for Christians and non-Christians alike, but the power of God is even mightier. In Psalm 119:9 David tells us how we can live a clean life, ‘How can a young man cleanse his way? By taking heed according to Your word.’ Beyond Addictions shows you how to cleanse your life from the inside as you apply the Word of God. This program has proven successful in setting men and women free from the bondage of addiction as the Bible is applied to their lives. God meant life to be lived. Some need a little extra help. I believe Beyond Addictions is that extra help and I strong recommend it for use in recovery ministry in the local church.”

– Pastor Rodney Finch, Calvary Chapel of Cary, NC

“While serving as facility head of Dan River Prison Work Farm from 2003 to 2010 it was my pleasure to observe the development and growth of inmates involved with the Beyond Addictions study. The men routinely made the transition with biblical values into their daily practices, and carried the training forward. I received visits, calls and notes from released inmates who had participated in the program, and wanted to share success stories with me. The life choices taught and exampled in Beyond Addictions freed the men in many different ways.”

– George Solomon, Director of Prisons, North Carolina Department of Public Safety

“Beyond Addictions is very important to inmates in the Denton County, TX jail. I have presented it to men at a Pre-Trial Facility and watched God work as the men complete the lessons. It’s a blessing to see men share with new inmates how much this course means to them. I’m hearing from inmates I haven’t met who would like to take the course by mail.”

– Tom M., Outreach Ministries, Crossroads Bible Church in Double Oak, TX

“Beyond Addictions provides a Biblical basis for real life-change based upon true healing. I have seen men take their focus off of themselves and their addictions, and begin to focus on God who is able to deliver them as they apply the messages in this book. Marriages have been reconciled, families have been reunited and men reemerge into the work force.”

– Tim Fontaine, North Carolina State Elder, Bikers for Christ

We encourage you to use these resources in your church, recovery ministry, or prison ministry.

Please let us know how we can assist you in effectively teaching Beyond Addictions. Email us at [email protected]