The Christian Education Network

The Lord has provided a unique opportunity to disciple men in prison via Christian radio. In October of 2004, the authorities at one North Carolina prison approved our request to operate an educational Christian radio station on site! In January 2005, another prison also approved our request. The stations run on a computer in the chaplains’ offices using mp3 files and radio management software designed to operate Internet radio stations. We operate the stations, called the CHRISTIAN EDUCATION NETWORK or CEN, as non-licensed FM stations according to Part 15 of the Federal Communication Commission rules.

CEN runs 24-hours a day, seven days a week delivering solid Biblical teaching and praise & worship music to the men in both prisons. We also air an audio version of the Beyond Addictions class, a Christian hiphop music show, and short programs from Answers in Genesis and Harvest Ministries.

This is what the men with access to CEN are hearing every day. You can listen to the same messages by clicking on the links below the names of the pastors and ministries that are currently on the Christian Education Network schedule. Each ministry makes its own teaching available via download or podcast from their web sites.


Pastor Rodney Finch
Salt & Light
Calvary Chapel of Cary
5:00 AM, Noon & 9:00 PM

Pastor Geoff Brede
Bread of Life
Calvary Chapel of Rochester

Beyond Addictions
Free In Christ Prison Ministries Course

Proverb A Day
Stephen Keel

Pastor Chuck Smith
The Word for Today
Calvary Chapel

The Jesus Style w/ Gayle Erwin
Servant Quarters Ministry
Servant Quarters

Pastor Joe Focht
Straight From The Heart
Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia

Pastor Tony Clark
The Word Made Plain
Calvary Chapel of Newport News, VA

Pastor Philip DeCourcy
Know The Truth
Kindred Community Church


Sunday Service
Featuring Pastor Bil Gallatin w/ Walk in the Light
Calvary Chapel of the Finger Lakes
Sundays @10:00 AM & 10:00 PM

Pastor David Marini
Calvary Chapel of Chapel Hill, NC
Calvary Chapel of Chapel Hill
7:00 AM, 4:00 PM & 9:00 PM

Free In Christ Bible Study
FICPM Program recorded in prison

New Song Praise
Christian Hiphop Music program

Daily Bible Reading Program
Provided by Fire Fighters for Christ & FICPM